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Setting the Framework for Your Custom AI Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems

Are you interested in deploying AI at your enterprise? Imagine a suite of specialized AI assistants, each precisely attuned to different departmental needs, from marketing to finance, HR, and beyond.Don't hand over all your data to ChatGPT. Keep your data secure and within your own organization.

Get a quote for an AI System or test our RAG Demo built on AMAX's product sheets and Llama 7B.


Why Choose On-Prem RAG for Your Business?

  • Up-to-date Insights: Our RAG systems provide real-time, relevant information retrieval, ensuring that your business decisions are based on the most current data available.

  • In-House Data Protection: With RAG, your sensitive data never leaves your network. Enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind, knowing your data is protected within your infrastructure.

  • Custom Configuration: Tailor your AI to meet the unique challenges and objectives of your business. Each department can benefit from an AI that truly understands its specific language and goals.

  • Reliable Performance: Experience consistent, high-quality performance designed exclusively for your enterprise needs. Our systems ensure that your AI solutions are always running at their best.

Create Usable AI Built On Your Data

  • Personalized AI: Each department enjoys the benefits of an AI that speaks its language and meets its unique needs, leading to heightened efficiency and smarter decision-making.

  • Secure and Localized: Keep your data and queries within your local infrastructure, ensuring confidentiality and compliance.

  • Real-Time Data Sourcing: Get current, contextually relevant responses, significantly reducing the risk of receiving outdated or incorrect information.

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AMAX Engineering Solutions
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AMAX's On-Prem Engineered Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing LLMs, providing a secure and efficient way to enhance their capabilities with your internal data. This integration allows for precise responses to business-specific queries, offering insights that generic pre-trained models cannot match.

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